The Nightmare of the Lost Engagement Ring

Will your ending be happy or sad…..

Once upon a time there were two happy people in love,  Sophia and Ben.  Ben saved up lots of money bought a beautiful diamond engagement ring, got down on one knee and 1 year later, Sophia and Ben were happily wed.

The years passed, they moved house, changed jobs and started a family.  Then one day they went to the seaside, Sophia went swimming with the kids…but disaster struck.

She came out of the sea and her engagement ring was gone.

What happened next??   Choose the nightmare scenario or the happy ending….

lost engagement ring

Don’t let the nightmare of the lost engagement ring happen to you

Be like our happy Sophia, take 4 simple precautions to look after your diamond ring:

  • Get the right insurance – speak to a specialist broker
  • Take a close up photo against a scale ruler
  • Keep receipt
  • Get regular valuations

Then if you ever damage or lose your engagement ring you can replace it with the minimum of hassle and stress.

Keep Sophia happy by sharing her story in our infographic.

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